Welcome Long Beach neighbors!
At Sorrento Italian Kitchen we want you to have a wonderful time at our location or at home while enjoying our dishes. Our experience and unique flavors allow us to offer one of Long Beach´s tastiest pizza and Italian dishes for your dining pleasure. Indeed, go ahead and pick your favorite pizza and dishes, dine in or take out you´ll enjoy it. Bon Appétit!

Sorrento´s Italian Kitchen Location

4102 Orange Ave Ste 123 Long Beach, CA 90807
Saturday 11AM–10PM
Sunday 11AM–9PM
Monday 11AM–9PM
Tuesday 11AM–9PM
Wednesday 11AM–9PM
Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday 11AM–10AM

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  •   I've only had the pizza, but it's high quality. They do a really good job with my pizza (no cheese, extra sauce). Many places skimp on their sauce, but they put the perfect amount.

    thumb Aaron D.

      The food was fantastic! Our server Wendy was awesome! She's super friendly!
    If you are in the area definitely stop by and eat there!

    thumb Betty S.
  •   HIDDEN GEM ! Let my start by saying our service was beyond great our server waiter Wendy was very friendly helpful and attentive. Secondly the food was great i had the lasagna and my fiancé had the shrimp Alfredo we left full with plenty of left overs.  highly recommended spot

    thumb Breanna C.

      DO NOT EAT THE CHICKEN PARMIGIANA!! I just tried this place out because I got some coupons from helping out my neighbor. $5 Sandwich?! What I was stoked!! I asked for the house recommendations on what sandwiches to get so I got a chicken parmigiana sandwich. After eating half I was disgusted and threw up immediately after...

    thumb Sivory C.
  •   The best pizza in Long Beach. Great service great food . Server Wendy definitely made our experience great!!!!Perfect place for any occasion. By yourself or with the whole family and friends. Plenty of space to accommodate every size party

    thumb Bigg N.

      This restaurant has some of the best Italian food around and has outstanding customer service. Wendy even threw in a piece of cheesecake on the house!

    thumb Michael M.
  •   I found out about this place just this past April when my Mom ordered from them while I was in town visiting. (I am originally from Long Beach but moved up to Washington state 3 years ago). I had never heard of this place and I can honestly say, man, I wish I could eat here everyday.

    I am huge fan of pizza and it hard to find GOOD pizza. I have always like Marri's pizza, but I will have to say, for me, this surpasses Marri's pizza and is my number one favorite place to get pizza now.

    I've had just plain cheese pizza, sausage / pepperoni and a pepperoni calzone and they were all incredible. The marinara sauce is amazing, and if you can do a plain marinara sauce that is off the charts, that says something about the chefs / cooks in the restaurant.

    I tip my hat to you, Sorrento!

    thumb Christine D.

      So I wanted to try, for the first time, some Italian food, and i saw this place has 4 stars, so I thought it was going to be pretty good.
    I ordered lasagna, some breaded chicken covered in marinara sauce, some spaghetti with meatballs, and honestly I was very disgusted with the food.
    I posted a picture, of just the bags, so you can see how greasy the bag was. Now imagine the food!!
    I don't know if Italians generally uses that much grease on their food, since it is the first time I've had Italian. Sorry for not taking pictures of the actual food, I just ended up giving the food I bought to some stray dogs I saw looking for food.
    I definitely do not recommend coming here. Very dissatisfied.

    thumb Christian R.
  •   Our go-to place.  Great food and great supporters of our local baseball league.   So glad to have them in our neighborhood!

    thumb j r.

      We never came to dine in but have ordered through Grubhub.  My son eats the half pepperoni and cheese and he likes it.  I sometimes order their pastas or salads.  Pastas hits the mark!  Salad is ok only.

    thumb Rowena B.
  •   Was a little disappointed in our experience there. We came in on a Wednesday night for dinner and was the only one in the restaurant and ordered our food. What we figured would take 10-15 minutes to make considering we were the only people in the entire restaurant end up taking over 30 minutes without no heads up or reason why it was taking so long. When the food it came out hot but just lacked flavor and the pasta was a bit over cooked. However the garlic bread was good! I'll definitely give this place another try but hoping for better results next time.

    thumb Brent H.

      The food was incredibly bland. BBQ chicken pizza had no bbq flavor, and a small handful of chicken shreds, mostly just red onion and cheese. Veggie calzone was huge but has no flavor. Bring your own seasoning to this place. They also got two things in our order wrong ...out of 3.

    thumb Monique G.
  •   Definitely enjoy their pizza especially since we could add half jalapenos. It's fast and near by and the girl who answers the phone is always very kind and helpful. Definitely recommend! We have yet to try their other items but I'm sure we will eventually!

    thumb Dawn F.

      First timer.... simply delicious. Hit them just before close on delivery. I ordered something akin to a combo pizza (all good stuff, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, bell peppers...). It came hot and I only wanted to eat 2 slices of the small, but I wound up eating 4 . The salad was decent. The flavors were on for me. I'll be back!!

    thumb Yolie D.
  •   I went with the family today and it was great. The pizza was delicious. It's hard to find a good pizza place with good portion of bread and the with a lot of cheese and toppings and still keep bottom of the pizza crispy. Damn that pizza was delicious. The pasta plates are delicious. The staff was great and friendly. I will recommend all my friends and family.

    thumb Jorge G.

      He first time I was there, they were having a hard time of it.  They had only one cook on duty and he was overwhelmed.  The other one I guess had called in sick.  Anyway, they gave me a credit for the lost order.  Had it delivered tonight.  This was probably the best pizza I have ever had.  Lots of high quality toppings and a crust that was to die for.  It was even crisp on the bottom.  KUDOS Sorrento Italian Kitchen, I will be back, soon.

    thumb Mike G.
  •   Went here on my lunch break and they have a $10 all you can eat lunch buffet.  The items were all fresh and there was choice of salad, soup, breads, pastas, and pizzas.  For $10 and such fresh items to choose from, I was pretty stoked.  They have a pretty large menu so everyone should be able to find something they like on here.  I will definitely come again.

    thumb Bro F.

      OMG!!! THIS A GREAT MOM & POP restaurant.  Hidden gem in the corner. I ordered angel hair pasta with meat sauce. What I got was a very flavorful surprise.  A homemade meat sauce with chunks of tomatoes,  freshly chopped basil, onions and garlic. Such distinctive flavors. And the portion size enough for 2 people or my case enough for 4 more meals! Definitely a must!

    thumb Marie B.
  •   Love this place! Great customer service, food is amazing! You have to try the new wheat pizza!! Tastes wonderful! Keep up the great work!

    thumb Gina C.

      This place never does me wrong, the pizza they serve is amazing till the last bite always loaded with yummy toppings. I can't even think of another pizza place better than this one. I've been here about 10 times now and my kids love it here I can't wait to try the pasta and garlic bread although I'm sure I'm gonna love it to. Service is good to and pretty fast. Y'all should try it

    thumb Crystal W.